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You think von Furstenberg wasn’t spazzing on Kay when he found this out?

The private conversations between Kay and von Furstenberg probably went something like this: von Furstenberg: “So how the hell did that 6-7 mutated super bug get your cell number?

Singer also blasted the story as absurd, reminding everyone that the couple “isn’t even married.” Singer says Miller and Kay regularly hit each other up on the Blackberry [the real relationship wrecker].

Miller and Kay exchanged texts for weeks, before he took her name out of his contact list. The New York Post also questioned von Furstenberg’s claim that when he confronted Miller, the ex-NBA star threatened von Furstenberg with gun play. Boy, this added info sounds a lot different than what I’d been hearing at first.

She had previously set the California single-game scoring record by dropping 77 points in a contest.

She shattered it by putting together a 105-point performance during a 179-15 win over Norte Vista High School.

Before ESPN could blow you up overnight and before the NBA funded the WNBA and a worldwide, respected platform for women’s basketball emerged.

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"I'd already seen a life-sized cutout of her somewhere in the building," Reggie Miller, who never had been to the Hall before, said later. If they saw two macho guys playing at another basket, the girl would purposely play badly at the other basket, play the way the macho guys would think a girl would play. "He has a warped sense of humor." So the boy went to UCLA and had a terrific career, averaged more than 20 points per game his last two seasons, solid, but was never a college player of the year and never was part of a national champion. Drafted with the 11 pick of the first round, though, by the Indiana Pacers in 1987, a controversial choice, he blossomed in the NBA.

Pretty soon he figured that maybe he should be taking his shot from the rose bushes instead of getting knocked into them. He suggested they play one-on-one on the old rosebush court. First time she drove to the basket, he blocked her shot. She certainly was at the time she graduated in 1986.

Nice to have you around, glad to see the doctors were wrong and our mother was right, but never bring that weak stuff to the basket. She knocked him into their mother's rose bushes when he tried to drive and then knocked him into the rose bushes again when he tried to drive again. A growth spurt had pushed him past her 6-foot-2, heading toward an eventual height of 6-foot-7. She arguably was the best player in the history of women's basketball.

Because of the pioneering efforts of Leslie and the other 2015 women’s basketball Hall of Fame inductees (Arcain, University of Georgia standout Janet Harris, former Duke and Texas coach Gail Goestenkors, longtime Oregon high school coach Brad Smith and Oklahoma State coach Kurt Budke, who was killed in a plane crash in 2011), women’s basketball continues to get more shine and fill more voids in the lives of young girls, presenting them with opportunities for growth and preparing them for a lifetime of confidence, strength and positive achievement.

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