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Zach Cregger is a comedian/actor/writer best known as part of the Whitest Kids U' Know comedy troupe, which was also a hilarious comedy-sketch show on Fuse that has since been canceled (those bitches).He is super funny and completely gorgeous, and while dating the unfairly hot chick who played Cora in Music and Lyrics (fuck you it's 2am and I have work tomorrow I'm fucking tired I'm NOT looking that shit up).

It’s like “Lord of the Flies,” so, it really does go everywhere I want it to go, and I can’t tell whether that’s evident by watching the first couple of episodes. I saw the first five, and I think the last one I saw was the elections. It really does force a pretty instant bond with everybody.

When the plane goes down, Owen soon finds himself in the unlikely position of leading this rough assembly of people as they create a small society. I think that’s important to the show, also — if it was shot on a soundstage, I think that would really undermine a lot of the comedy. He’s a guy who’s never had any kind of healthy relationships with anybody, he’s kind of like a loner who’s really comfortable being an anonymous face in the crowd — his ultimate nightmare would be to be trapped with a random group of people with nowhere to go, because you’re kinda forced to let your wall down a little bit. You don’t really need to know anything about your character in a sketch, because you’re not serving your character, you’re serving the bit. I know it’s in vogue now to do it like it’s written, and then do like 20 variations and then keep whatever works best — are you guys doing any improv on the set?

, the difference between acting in a sketch comedy and a series, learning how to act 15 years into his career, and the future of the Whitest Kids. That’s one thing I really appreciate about TBS: they really have supported the show as far as giving it what it needs. So I think as much as being stuck on this island is the last thing he would ever want, it’s sort of in a weird way the thing he needs the most. And with this, it’s like — it’s been an interesting thing for me, because since we last talked I’ve done a bunch of different shows where I’ve had to focus on one character, and I’ve never even realized until this year that I need to build a backstory. You know, there’s a small amount, but honestly, I love these scripts so much — usually when I get scripts for a show I gotta kind of wrack my brain, and be like “Ugh, how am I gonna make this funny? ” And, with the Wrecked scripts, these two guys, Justin and Jordan Shipley, are so good, and when I get the pages my main concern is like “How do I keep this as funny as it reads? I gotta do justice to this.” So I’m pretty much, my main job when I get on set is to like police the material and make sure the material is getting its justice.

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