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[Hell Rell: Hook] He tried to play me, shit got all crazy And things just wasn't the same So I ran up on him, then pulled my Mac out And I blew out his brains [Cam'Ron: Verse 1] Y'all wanted violence, we move in silence Silencer silence the guns I was the wildest, that was childish Now I stack my ones Shinay was in love with her school, Rich wasn't liking his school Shinay caught two in the ribs He was a hustler, she's a customer Now he's off doing a bid T got shot with a shotgun on his block I wish it was all pretend Nana getting high, hard enough getting by When is it all gonna end?Me I'm still holding on, the team still rollin' strong The Ave.

Niggas rolling C-Lo Pump the peddle bike, nice chain, light chain Fiends sniffin' white caine, needle, 40 and night train (that's Harlem) Just a hype lame, you don't love 'em like Dame (why?

Security is about layers and every little bit helps, but a common misconception is that there is a single silver bullet for all scenarios. In fact, no matter how complex your security system is there remains the possibility of break-ins and home instrusion.

The best you can do is be rational, smart and live within your budget to protect your home.

With the help of Jay (Ed O'Neill), Cam's bowling team, The Britney Spares, compete in an all-gay league tournament and they manage to take out the Pinafores and the Alley of the Dolls. Jay was the real hero of the day, and here's how he and Cam (Eric Stonestreet)led the team to victory (or, at least a temporary victory before Jay got them disqualified).

Frazier, the bowling finals came down to the Britney Spares facing off against Cam's arch rival Martin Sherman (guest star Oliver Platt) and his team, The Merry Men.

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