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Esperemos que su carrera actoral no se vea afectada.

Yes, and the 'SE7EN/Massage Parlor' event is OLD NEWS now. Do you know what is the new ID of Krevice the troll ? He HAD to be put in jail, just so he understood that there are consequences in life and that he shouldn't even let his thinking go down that route.

d on screen chemistry really make smile n my heart flutter..

Hope to see u act in more drama with Jang eun woo (dol do hyeon) u two look good together..

Se7en ended his promotions on the October 30, 2010.

Han Byul's beauty cant be compare with anyone else, she is shiny on every scene she appears. Her perfect face catches all my attention and Im totally distracted from the subtitle. Watched you in "I Have A Lover", and if I never see you in another drama it will be too soon. Sorry to know that you have gone through very tough time and i believe the sun always appears to shine.

And the reality of it, is that SE7EN was *not* married at the time of it either. Kpop stars act like their fans say jailworthy things and are such dark and twisted people. For once I can say, the reaction to what this person said was not overstated even a little bit.

There are some things you just dont say, no matter what. What he said was beyond dark, it was highly disturbed and showed a lack of basic moral fiber. i mean after all the shit we've been through in this country come on.Se7en began training under the management agency YG Entertainment at the age of fifteen.También declararon que su última grabación sería el 19 de diciembre.Luego añadieron: “Actualmente él se encuentra trabajando en la música como siempre para hacer un regreso en solitario o uno con Turbo”.

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