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How to increase skill: This skill can be increased by successfully convincing other people to change their minds, by successfully threatening them and by selling items to local vendors.

The growth of the skill depends on the "difficulty level" of the conversations and on the value of the items being sold to merchants. Comments: HAGGLING This perk has five ranks and each time you unlock a new rank it gets better. Requirements (rank 2): Speech skill increased to at least 20 points.

After the preliminary induction into the Companions, Farkas foists this quest upon you.

You simply need to intimidate the random person that you are assigned; no killing.

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Best to make a save and try pickpocketing the key from the owner.Targets won't back down from simple fighting words, as either one challenges you to...fairly civil fisticuffs.Exchange blows until the opposing party keels over and before your own health expires.Description (rank 4): Negotiated prices are 25% better (buying and selling goods).Description (rank 5): Negotiated prices are 30% better (buying and selling goods).

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