2 dating power station unit

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At this time, Japan already had a growing nuclear industry, with five operating reactors.Re-evaluation of domestic energy policy resulted in diversification and in particular, a major nuclear construction program.

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Offers: Protection for anchors and installing tools by disconnecting the power when the installing torque reaches a preselected level. Durable - does not require special storage or handling.The Indicator mounts between the Kelly bar adapter and drive tool (or locking dog assembly).The LCD display is easy to read in full daylight and gives the operator a direct readout of installation torque at all times.Using the Wireless ChanceĀ® Torque Indicator, you can install screw anchors to a pre-determined torque value, which gives a positive indication of anchor holding capacity in any soil type.The handheld Wireless Data Logger gives real time information on torque while storing for easy download.

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